The Sabah Progressive Party flags erected all over town have been removed following an order made by City Hall, Tuesday.

City Hall Deputy Director-General (Operations), Joannes Solidau, said City Hall made the order after receiving complaints from the public about the flags.

"However for those placed around areas out of Kota Kinabalu, such as Penampang and so on, we hope the authorities in charge there would do something if still not removed," he said. The SAPP flags were put up to mark the third anniversary of its pullout from Barisan Nasional.

Meanwhile, SAPP questioned on whose side Sabah DAP is on following its latest attack over the SAPP flags erected in public places.

"Why must DAP keep on attacking SAPP instead of BN-Umno?" asked SAPP Vice President-cum-Head of Negotiating Committee with DAP on seats and policies, Dullie Hj. Marie.

Sabah DAP vice chairman, Edward Ewol Mujie, had said it would not resort to abusing or challenging the law by putting up flags all over the city, apparently referring to the SAPP action. He said this when removing a DAP flag put up outside the BSN building in Karamunsing, adding it was probably done by someone to put the DAP in bad light.

However, Dullie said the action by Sabah DAP in attacking SAPP reinforced the notion that it was colluding with Umno "as happened during the Batu Sapi Parliamentary by-election last year."

"We have been waiting for DAP to honour their insistence to negotiate with SAPP as they had in May this year repeatedly asked SAPP to form our negotiation panel.

"But now, they back track and keep attacking SAPP, instead.

Even in the SAPP RadioSabahtv signboard issue with DBKK, DAP also sided with BN-Umno instead of a common protest against the BN on the Bersih 2.0 rally for clean and fair elections.

"Let the people know the true colours of DAP's hidden agenda, collusion with Umno and destroying co-operation among opposition parties," he said.

Dullie also reminded DAP that Pakatan Rakyat de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had two weeks ago asked to reset the friendship between Pakatan and SAPP.

Sources: Daily Express Sabah
Image: Google Image