A 25-year-old local girl has been urged to return to her family at Kampung Pulong, 15km from here, because her grandmother misses her a lot.

Jasmin Jimin, 45, who is Siti Nurzieya Abdullah @ Valeria Baru's uncle, said her grandmother pined for her and hoped she would return with her husband Alfazi Azes, 35, to resolve their marriage according to the village customs.

He said Siti's grandmother is still strong to witness all unsettled business.

According to him, the couple left the village in August 2008 to look for work, probably in the peninsula, but never returned or called home since.

Jasmin lodged a police report two days ago.

Those who know Siti and her husband Alfazi can contact Jasmin at 013-5594794.

Sources: Daily Express
Pictures: Google image